Big mileage day, to make up for the late start on Friday.
Woke up early to the alarm, to a torrential downpour.  Said, “Fuck it, slab it is,” and went back to bed.  Notice the missing step?
Woke up again several hours later, quickly showered, packed the bike, and got rolling.  A couple cold, wet hours down the highway, regretting not making time for breakfast, I saw a beacon of hope in the form of a Cracker Barrel sign.  Pulled in and had a great breakfast, got back on the bike in much better spirits.
There was a break in the rain, so I thought to mix some backroads into my slab, but it was not to be.  As soon as I got the rain gear off and found a likely road, the skies opened up again.  Back to the slab.  Stopped on the way for a replacement headlamp, after getting dinged for no headlight in a construction zone (warning, but still burned time; should’ve remembered to leave the brights on).
Arrived at Buz & Wendy’s in Pittsburgh a bit later than intended, but in good spirits.  Those spirits were quickly improved with the addition of a couple beers and a lovely dinner, followed by a tour of the city.  Back to their place after the tour, for more beer, bourbon, and conversation.
All in all, a very good day.
I’ve some really nice roads planned for tomorrow, then Monday at the NMUSAF.
Mileage: 503
Repairs: headlamp
States: NY, PA

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