Mexican Coke, meet American Whiskey

Woke up this morning, broke camp at Shawnee and rode off to Kentucky.  A combination of extremely optimistic time estimates for the route and a very long detour to get around a road closure left me no chance of making Buffalo Trace before the last tour, so I rerouted to Taylorsville Lake instead.  Arrived at camp after the office had closed, but no worries, they’d marked my (quite nice) site for me. I would not hesitate to recommend this campground; I’ll stay here again myself next time I am in the area.
Threw up the tent, inflated the airbed, and hit the road in search of firewood and food.  Mission accomplished, I returned to camp to find a nosy raccoon investigating my stuff.  Shooed him off (several times, little bugger is persistent!), built a fire, and introduced Mexican Coke to American Whiskey.  They are getting along famously, as expected.
As I write this I’m sitting by the fire, enjoying my drink, and waiting for coals to cook my steak on.
Life is good.
Mileage: 291
States: OH, KY
Found: my favourite headlamp
Tomorrow, Bourbon Trail day 1


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