The greying of the DoD, take two

WordPress app crashed while trying to save my post, so here are the highlights instead.
First tour of the day was Wild Turkey, the most obviously modern and commercial of the distilleries I visited. The tour was a pretty thorough coverage of everything from raw grains through final product, though by this point I’m confident I could set up and run my own distillery if I needed to.  I don’t much care for Wild Turkey’s usual product, but I quite enjoyed their single barrel offering at the tasting.
After Wild Turkey it was over to Four Roses, the last stop on my Bourbon tour, and the least impressive of the tours I took.  In their defense, they were in a seasonal shut down period, so there simply wasn’t much happening to see, and I knew that going in.  They did offer the most comprehensive tasting of the tour, with generous samples of each of their domestic products.
Bourbon Trail complete, over to the RCR. I’d plotted a nice looking route, but apparently failed to account for road speed as the GPS gave an ETA after 2100h.  After an hour of riding that estimate hadn’t come below 2000h, so I edited the route to include a couple “make time” sections over Interstate, and arrived at the RCR around 1700h after what may well be the nicest motorcycling road I’ve ever ridden, KY 715.  Massachusetts residents, think Whiley Rd, with better pavement, more and tighter curves, and about ten times longer.
At the RCR, unpacked the bike and opened a bottle of Devil’s Cut to share. Dinner, drinks, tire kicking, and shit shooting with good friends, old and new, until the greying of the DoD reared its ugly head.  By 2330h there were only four left standing, and as I sat down to write this the first time ay 2350h it was just me.
Oh well, I guess not everyone can pretend to be a kid forever. I’ll do what I can to pick up the slack for the rest. Heh.
Mileage: 174
Tomorrow, whatever strikes my fancy probably low mileage and some walking in the park.
No picture tonight, since that seems to be what crashed it last time.

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