Woke up at a reasonable hour, got cleaned up and made my way out into the common space for breakfast.  Hung out on the front porch for a while, until it started raining. Went in to read for a bit and had an unexpected nap instead. Woke up just as the rain finished, suited up and went for a short ride, stopping to walk around Natural Bridge for a bit.
Back at the lodge, had some good conversations, an excellent dinner, and if these hiccoughs are any indication, too much beer.  We just now put out the fire, and it looks like I’m last man standing, again.  I expect I’ll sack out shortly after posting this.
All in all a very good day.  Dave and Sarah found a great spot for this year, and did a fabulous job as hosts.
Mileage: 78
States: KY
Tomorrow, Nashville.

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