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Slept clear through my alarm, barely managed to get packed up and out of the room while it was still morning. Missed the hotel breakfast, but there was a Cracker Barrel right next door so I had breakfast there before getting on the road.

Had a really good ride, through some nice little roads in George Washington National Forest (only a few miles of gravel), up over US33 from VA to WV (a must ride), then mostly county roads until I needed fuel. On my way, passed through Kessel, and couldn’t resist stopping for a photo.


After making the Kessel Run, I can understand why it was so popular with smugglers. A backwater with no police presence, with an extremely fun, lightly traveled route through it.

A bunch more fun riding later, stopped for dinner and to find a hotel.  My plan had been to get at least to Gettysburg today, but my hotel search revealed what common sense should have already told me; getting a hotel room in or near Gettysburg on short notice this week, yeah, that’s not happening.  Ended up finding a hotel in Martinsburg, quite a bit further south than I intended, but still a manageable two day ride home.

Mileage: 258
States: VA, WV
Tomorrow, MD, PA, NY

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